Composite Drawings

These composite drawings are comprised of a series of semi-connected drawings on coloured A4 sheets of paper. These can stand-alone and also combine into one large connected image, which is highly detailed when assembled. The drawings are extremely time consuming and can take months to complete depending on the size. They are a way for me to draw whilst alleviating the boredom of work. I wanted a project where I could draw standing up, using sheets of A4 paper, to create larger pieces of work. These would in part reflect the frustration that is ‘time spent at work’. The A4 paper is creased as they have been folded to make the work smaller and a more covert activity. They have been drawn in indelible felt pen. When completed, the drawings require only to be joined using the grid references on the back to create the finalized image. The grid reference also holds the date and time when each section was completed. This project is compact and transportable in its flat-pack form. It can be as large or as small as desired.

Composite Drawing 1 (Office)

Composite Drawing 2        Composite Drawing 3

“4th Cornice of Mount Purgatory”

45 pages of coloured A4 Paper, 147cm x 178cm (2013)

Composite Drawing 4 (4th Cornice of Mount Purgatory)

Composite Drawing 5              Composite Drawing 6

“Our Tears will Wet our Bottoms”

72 sheets of A4 coloured paper, 257cm x 178cm (2012)

Composite Drawing 11

Composite Drawing 12              Composite Drawing 13

“The Good and Faithful Servant”

35 A4 sheets of coloured paper, 207cm x105cm (2013)

Composite Drawing 6a

Composite Drawing 14              Composite Drawing 7

“Erpingham Camp”

49 sheets of A4 coloured paper, 147cm x 208cm (2013)

Composite Drawing 8 Erpingham Camp

Composite Drawing 9              Composite Drawing 10

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